The Manhydra“What is this ‘Manhydra’ of which you speak?” you may be asking. Well, that “Manhydra” is me. I’m Marc “Manhydra” Sylvestre. I’m a programmer, software developer, software engineer, solutions architect — whatever arbitrary title you wish to use. I mostly prefer Programmer, because until the end of the day, that’s mostly what I’m doing.

Although most of my work involve creating and fixing web-based applications for the little guys (individuals and small businesses), my interests span several different types of software applications and areas in IT.

I’m an avid user of and advocate for FOSS. I use FOSS for whatever project in which I participate, with tools ranging from text editors, IDEs, compilers, debuggers, autotools, servers, and databases.

I can’t mention FOSS without talking about the various Unix-like operating systems I use. My currently systems of choice are Debian, CentOS, and FreeBSD. Although I’m not an avid system experimenter (ie. Distro Hopper), this list is subject to change.

Other than programming, I’m also a musician. I play guitar, so when I’m not programming, or am feeling too moody to program, I just grab either my classical or electric guitar and jam away. I also play bass (a very underrated string instrument), piano or keyboard (depending on my electric bill), and drum programming (I have a drum set, but it sounds worse than my rusty cooking pots).

I’ve written a bunch of songs (mostly instrumentals, some still need to be finished) and have made two albums. I’ve made some of those song available on SoundCloud with more being added periodically.

Aside from programming and playing music, I try to spend some fun time either playing games (Magic: the Gathering trading cards, Dungeons & Dragons role-playing, computer-based rogue-like or strategy games like Civilization [both Sid Meier’s and FreeCiv]) or strolling through a park or wooded area.

As a disclaimer, I must state that any of the expressed opinions and viewpoints on this site or any social media outlet linked to are of my own and do not reflect those by whom I am employed and/or with which I work.

That’s pretty much all I’m willing to share at this point. I don’t consider my life to be an open book, but I do make some effort in sharing my thoughts and views about this strange plane of existence called “Life.” However, if you like to know more about me, let me know.