English Kabbalah

English Kabbalah is a collection of command-line applications that perform various coding/ciphering tasks, along with searching a given file for those results.

It is intended that this suite will aid the student of Kabbalah, or any one interested enough, to discover for him/herself any underlying mystery of meanings within texts considered holy or otherwise, and to find entertainment in the attempts thereof.

  • English Gematria
    Outputs a gematria value for an inputted word or phrase. Outputs a lists of words or phrases from a given file, where the gematria value of each word or phrase is equal to that of the inputted word or phrase.
  • English Temurah
    Ciphers an inputted word or phrase using four key methods:
    • Avgad: Replaces each letter with the one that comes after it (forward shift) or before it (backward shift) in the English Alphabet.
    • Atbash: Replaces the first letter of the English alphabet with the last letter, the second with the next-to-last, and so on.
    • Albam: Replaces the first letter of the English alphabet with the twelfth, the second with the thirteenth, and so on.
    • Aik Bekar: Replaces each letter of the English alphabet with the next found within that letter’s group.

    Outputs the number of times an enciphered inputted word or phrase is found within a given file for each method used.

    Letters are categorized into two groups: consonants (B-Z) and vowels (A-Y), each in two classes: uppercase and lowercase. Thus, letters are replaced with those in their respective group and class.

  • English Notarikon
    Outputs a list of phrases from a given file where the first letter of each word in a phrase is found in the inputted acronym.

Subject Background

Kabbalah is often defined as an esoteric discipline or school of philosophy. Various descriptions exist, however, one of the most overlooked aspects or practices in Kabbalah (and probably the most fundamental) is an area known as the “Literal Kabbalah.”

This area is often described as having concerns with the relationship between letters and numbers, however, this is a very general description of what in actually is a sophisticated coding/ciphering system. All the methods of the Literal Kabbalah were used in various coding/ciphering activities, most notably in military intelligence, and espionage.

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