Movie Review Site


Client is a professional journalist and huge film buff. Client runs a movie review site on WordPress for ease in content management. However, the move review site was lacking a few desired functionality in terms of structure, presentation, and content generation.


Throughout our work with Client, we’ve customized the client’s theme with a variety of features the client sought:

  • A random review article to be displayed on the main index page and Review category page
  • Articles with special content to be displayed with an indicative graphic badge
  • Articles in other categories to display one complete post at random followed by the list of posts in descending order by date
  • Search results to be presented under relevant category headings along with their appropriate heading attributes.

    This search function is unique as it required search terms to match not only text within article titles and body content, but various attributes related to each review. The creation of a custom FULLTEXT index allowed the generation of records with relevancy, coupled with the incorporation of an algorithm to acquire exact matches first, partial exact matches second, and the remanding loose matches.