PittRadio (pittradio.net), was an online music community and resource, showcasing independent(indie)/underground musicians, bands, producers, and DJs through social networking.


From 1995 to 2001, it was a time when this consumer version of the Internet, the World Wide Web (WWW), was still uncharted territory, especially for many independent musicians. Although somewhat excited about using this platform, many independent musicians were getting lost in its labyrinth as the technology grew faster than the average ability to comprehend, much less utilize, its potential.

Our goal for PittRadio was to:

  • differentiate it by providing, for independent artists, elements of public relation service as an extension to the distribution of digital content.
  • make it one of the leading sources for music lovers to discover emerging, cutting-edge, and ground-breaking underground music the world over.


We sympathized with most of this confusion and frustration, but also observed how popular music websites were treating independent musicians as retail consumers, selling products and services that left many independent musicians with empty exposure and empty pockets. Thus, PittRadio began as a project to aid in the exposure of independent musicians of various musical styles and background. It was created as an open outlet, leaving very little, if any, restrictions on how they promoted their music, allowing their sound to be adequately judged by those that mattered: the fans.

PittRadio was first constructed as a portal with directory listings and search features which enabled fans to find artists based on preferred music genre/styles and location. Artists would be able to construct a series of profiles for each song and album they released, complete with descriptions, photo galleries, lyrics, flash-based media player, and fan comments. Soon, PittRadio evolved into a music networking site just around the beginnings of the Social Media craze. Members could register as two classes: Standard (music fans) and Music. Standard members could form communities of like-minded individuals, build networks, create and share playlists of songs by PittRadio artists, and find various other resources. Music members not only had their own profile but could create and manage unlimited artist profiles which individuals such as managers, record label execs., and publicists to have their own client roster.

Within its ten years of existence, PittRadio became a beloved “underground” resource for independent artists that wanted to have a chance, and for music lovers wanting to find something new amongst the chaos mainstream, commercially-manufactured music.


  • Reach a growing audience of new-music seekers on the fronteers of digital trends and vast mainstream and underground culture.
  • Attract a wide market of digital-music buyers–from the youthful and affluent to the mature and sophisticated.

Audience/Membership Profile1

  • Avg. Monthly Reach: 90,000 Unique Visitors
  • Gender: 71.2% male
  • Age: 55.3% 18-34
  • Locations (%):
    • United States: 70.97
    • Canada: 7.22
    • United Kingdom: 4.57
    • Philippines: 3.75
    • Australia: 2.23
    • Other: 11.26
  • Education: 45.2% Completed Some College
  • Ethnicity: 53.1% White/European Descent
  • Religion: 40% Christian/Other
  • Income: 17.4% $45,000 to $59,999
  • Favorite Music Genres (%):
    • Hip Hop/Rap: 27.1
    • Alternative: 21.9
    • Pop/Rock: 15.7
    • Urban/R&B: 9.5
    • Metal: 6.8
    • Electronica: 5.1
    • Country: 4.1
    • Blues: 2.7
    • Jazz: 2.7
    • World/Folk: 1.9
    • Latin: 1.2
    • Easy Listening: 0.4
    • Classical: 0.2
    • Poetry/Spoken Word: 0.2
    • Comedy: 0.2

1Based on Membership Profile study, June 2008