The Global Reality

The Global Reality is a multimedia project discussing government/corporate corruptions, occult/esoteric philosophies, mass media propaganda, social engineering, hidden technologies, ancient mysteries, religious/spiritual manipulations, and more.

The Global Reality is headed by Josh Reeves, a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, and radio talk show host who first learned of government crimes in the 1990’s by reading Jim Marrs, “Crossfire,” which lead him to start investigating black operations and secret societies.


When the radio show began in September of 2007, it was being broadcast on a few Internet radio networks relative to the show’s topics of interests. As his show gained momentum, he realized that he needed a web presence as a compliment to the content he provided.

Josh acquired the domain and had a radio network’s sysadmin setup a website. Unfortunately, due to Josh’s lack of web design and maintenance skills, and also having extremely little time available to devote to such tasks due to his radio work, the website remained unused for some time.


Manhydra observed that the website was built with a CMS that was not fully configured, and thus presented itself to be difficult to manage. In October of 2009, Manhydra quickly went to work on planning a design to compliment the content Josh provided from his broadcast.

In the same month, Manhydra approached Josh with the offer to revamp his website. Prior to the initial offer, Manhydra had already prepared a design prototype with blog-style content layout and an entirely new site logo banner. Josh was amazed, and we got the go-ahead to build the new site.

Manhydra chose WordPress for its ability to provide a very simply, yet scalable content management solution. The site became the complimenting multimedia arsenal, allowing Josh to promote his radio broadcast, documentary films and series, and host archives of his shows along with the various news articles he covers.

To allow Josh to concentrate on this primary work, Manhydra has operated as a full-time chief site administrator, overseeing the entire maintenance plans and ensuring the posting of daily archives, news articles, and other pertinent content. Manhydra also enabled web designers (who are also loyal listeners) to donate their time to provide new theme designs. The latest design was provided courtesy of Blistered Black.