“Whether in part or in whole, we’ll work together every step of the way to help create and maintain the presence that enables you to fulfill your main goal: serving your clients to the best of your abilities and with the best of what you offer.” — Mantra of Manhydra

I offer software development and support services, with a focus on web-based software and technology solutions. I work primary with LAMP-stack applications while using and maintaining open source software, including content management systems and application frameworks.

My approach is to learn the client’s specific line of work and what they’re seeking to provide their customers along with all the specified needs for their projects. This helps to construct viewpoints which help to determine how a client’s needs can be fulfilled, and to know their operational strategies in connection with their marketing, service goals, and industrial relationship – all to help accomplish their mission while minimizing the cost of resources in seeking future support.

My services cover a field of disciplines:

  • Web Site and Applications Development
  • Code-base Correction and Maintenance
  • Content Management Systems Support
  • Database Design
  • Applications, Site/Server Administration
I conduct these disciplines within two broader categories: