Content Management Systems

CMS are software systems used to simplify the creation and administration of content. CMS are among the most widely used web-based software today, especially among individuals and start-ups, providing all the necessary programming functionality to allow ease in configuration, customization, and front-end design (theme).

CMS became popular and effective tools in the areas of:

  • Authoring: The creation and editing of content
  • Collaboration: Enabling multiple members to work on the same content
  • Administration: The control and management of content
  • Publishing: The display and accessibility of content

Although one of the great benefits of CMS is to allow non-technical users to set up a complete web site and make changes to its content with little skill in Hyper-text Markup, one of their great drawbacks to those users is the complexity of the development of user-defined themes along with gaining additional custom functionality, whether this includes creating plug-ins or modules, or making modifications to parts of the core system. As a developer with open-source CMS, Manhydra not only helps in installing CMS for you, but also provides theme design, plug-in configuration and creation, and when necessary, making crucial changes to core elements of the CMS themselves for more enterprising solutions.